Thaï Specialities

Soup - First Courses

Hanoi soup with beef 11,00
Shrimp soup with lemon grass 11,00
Vietnamese spring rolls 11,00
Saigon spring roll with shrimp (served cold) 11,00
Vietnamese steamed Won Ton 12,00
Shrimp salad wltn lemon grass 11,00
Beef salad with lemon grass 11,00
Grilled skewered chicken with satay sauce 11,00
Grilled skewered lamb or beef with satay sauce 11,00

Main Courses

Thai grilled King Prawns 34,00
Sauted shrimp with garlic and pepper 34,00
Sauted shrimp with basil (or with King Prawns 5€ extra) 34,00
Sauted frogs' legs with basil 29,00
Frogs' legs sauted with garlic and pepper 29,00
Thai chicken curry (with coconut milk) 27,00
Grilled chicken with lemon grass 27,00
Chopped beef sauted with basil 29,00
Special Saigon beef wilh rice noodles (Served cold) 29,00
Beef Saigon style 29,00
Sauted lamb with basil 27,00
Sauted sweet chicken with shallots 27,00


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