Chinese Specialities

Steamed Dishes

Ha-Kao : Chinese ravioli with shrimp 10,00
Cantonese Dem Sem : with shrimp, chicken & vegetables 10,00
Shanghai Dem Sem : with shrimp, chicken & mushroom 10,00
Fan-Ko : Chinese dumplings with shrimp 10,00
Fan-Ko : Chinese dumplings with chicken and shrimp 10,00
Shrimp with rice pancakes 11,00
Siu Mai (shrimp and squid) 10,00
Chicken feet with black beans 11,00
Peking Dem Sem with chicken, vegetables 11,00
Lotus leaf stuffed with sticky rice and chicken 14,00
Assorted steamed dishes 20,00


Vegetarian Dishes

Spicy sour soup with vegetables 11,00
Transparent rice noodles with vegetables soup 11,00
Chinese salad 11,00
Lemon grass salad 11,00
Steamed vegetable Won Ton 11,00
Vegetables spring roll 11,00
Saigon spring rolls (served cold) 11,00
Fried noodles 12,00
Special vegetarian dish 12,00
Fried rice (Vagetables and egg) 12,00
Thai rice (spicy) 12,00

Soup - First Courses

Spicy sour soup 11,00
Transparent rice noodles with chicken or shrimp 10,00
Won Ton soup : with shrimp dumplings 14,00
Chicken and cord soup 10,00
Shark fin soup 28,00
Chicken or shrimp salad 11,00
'Madame Butterfly' : Toasted shrimp 11,00
Deep-fried canapé(or With King Prawns 5 € extra) 29,00
Fan-Ko fritters 11,00
Deep-fried shrimp ravioli 12,00
Grilled ravioli with chicken, vegetables 11,00


Grilled skewered Sole fillets with satay sauce 33,00
Grilled Sea Bass 30,00
Deep-fried Sea Bream with thai sauce (Sweet and sour) 30,00
Whole (Sea Bass) (for 2 people, according to size) 58,00
Sole with black beans or steamed with ginger 39,00
Sautéd sweet Sole with shallots 33,00
Sizzeling Sole with ground pepper 33,00
Sizzeling Sea Bass with ground pepper 30,00
Braised whole fish (Sea Bass) with the Chefs sauce 58,00
Sautéd tuna with garlic and pepper 28,00



Chicken with orange 28,00
Chicken with curry 28,00
Chicken with almonds 28,00
Szetchuan deep-fried crispy chicken 28,00
Roast duck Cantonese style 30,00
Szechuan deep-fried crispy duck 30,00
Peking duck 80,00
½ Peking duck 43,00

In 2 serving : the skin served with rice pancakes
the flesh sautéd with ginger



Live spiny lobster(according to size) 24€/100g
Shrimp with ginger 30,00
Sizzling shrimp 30,00
Shrimp with black bean sauce 30,00
Shrimp with rock salt and pepper 30,00
Imperial style shrimp (spicy) 30,00
Sweet and sour shrimp (or With King Prawns 5 € extra) 30,00
Deep-fried crab claws 26,00



Sauted beef with onions 30,00
Beef with ginger 30,00
Sizzling beef with ground pepper 30,00
Beef with green pepper 30,00
Imperial beef 30,00


Rice - Noodles - Vegetables

Fried noodles 12,00
sauted transparent rice noodles 12,00
Rice noodles sauted with shrimp or beef in oyster sauce 21,00
Special vegetarian dish 12,00
Sauted green asparagus 14,00
Fried broccoli in oyster sauce 12,00
Fried rice with shrimp 12,00
Steamed rice  5,00
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